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Global reach:

Knowledge of the local organisations and working as a single collaborative team across continents helps us ensure your global footprint in various educations institutions across the globe. In today's modern and ultra uber work environment, knowing the locale transforms your competitive performance and gives you a competitive advantage over others by securing talent right from the doorstep of our partners.

Diversity and inclusiveness:

We understand the fast-moving world filled with agile and highly diverse talent. We find highly motivated individuals from institutions and organisations across the globe. Giving you the upper hand in this competitive era, we take initiatives in finding the best solutions for you to accommodate candidates to your business culture.

Securing Talent:

Our expertise in making connections and sparking a traction makes us an inevitable source of a huge talent pool. We partner with the best to provide you the best. Finding the right education partner makes whole world of a difference and TUC does that, just for you. We are committed to growing your future candidates skills through training, workshops, networking events, directly or indirectly depending on your specific talent needs.

Employer branding:

Empowering you with innovative branding solutions, TUC showcases and represents you everywhere we go. A distinctive representation of the values and beliefs that you uphold, reflects in the actions we take. We will be showcasing your company and the benefits of starting a career in your company to young talents by engaging them in different projects, site visits, tailored programs, events and other activities to assimilate talent with your company.

Dedicated partnership:

At the core of agility and advanced technology, we consider ourselves to be the most flexible partner to engage with. We will be providing a dedicated channel for each of our partner to achieve your goals.


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