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A partnership with TUC

enables an University to

Increase their reach across the globe

Every country’s academic culture is unique and what works in one country won’t necessarily work in another. With TUC, You will be up to date on the trends, challenges and opportunities in your target markets. You will have a holistic understanding of your academic partners, the local culture and even the involvement of the local government before any substantial entry into any country. This will allow you to be promptly positioned with expertise and gain recognition in the academic society.

Offer a more effective support to their international students

International students are an integral part of the academic community for each University with global ambitions. We focus on individual partners and their students providing our expertise to create a better and more effective support program right from day one. Our consultants will work closely with our partners to ensure the welfare of the students.

Network with our partners to build effective programs for their students

It is very hard for the Universities to find and have collaboration with the Genuine Partner in different countries but No more stress as we offer bespoke solutions such as:

  • Design and develop programs to integrate their international students into their local academic culture
  • Develop their academic programs to international standards
  • Enable student startups from partner universities to have a podium in their ventures and encourage innovation in the campus



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